What should I pay attention to when wearing earrings?

After wearing the ear hole, people only need to change the gold and silver ear nails within a few minutes, or directly put the silver ear nails into the ear by hand, and do their own medicine care measures. The ear nails are not picked or falling off within one month. It won't be inflamed, and friends who pass through the pierced ears should have a personal experience. But why do you sometimes get inflamed in the ear hole? How to prevent ear studs from falling off accidentally? There are roughly the following reasons.

First, prevent the ear studs from falling off accidentally

1. Use a pierced ear to select a thick ear stud, and a silver needle bar with a diameter of 0.7 mm or more;

2. If the selected silver nail <0.7mm can be used to insert the plastic plug into the silver needle horizontally, it can not be long-lasting (this French professional wears the law, it is not easy to operate);

3. Bend the small ring behind the silver stud (forbidden straight hook) to ensure that the pillow will not be hung. These three kinds of wearing methods, earplugs should have a 2mm gap with the ear to facilitate ventilation, medicine, and rotation.

Second, within a month, when the ear studs accidentally fall off, wear them when you wear them or want to change other ear studs, and scratch the inner walls of the ear holes to cause inflammation.

Within a month after the piercing of the ear, there is a process of skin regeneration in the hole. A thin and tender film has just formed, which is not enough to resist any slight scratches. For example, the earrings accidentally fall off and hang up. Or I want to change other earrings, but I find that I can't wear them. Hard wear will cause scratches and bloodshed, and inflammation will occur after bacterial infection. Some friends said that because of the ear hole, you can't wear it. In fact, you think that it should be worn obliquely and obliquely. You should wear it through the ear hole, so you don’t want to pick it up in a month. For some reason, the earrings accidentally fall off or change the nails for the first time. If you are not sure, you should find a professional store to help you wear them.

Third, the choice of silver nail quality

When you change the earrings, you feel the pain, the quality of the ear studs, and the shape of the nail head. There are many kinds of earrings for sale in the market. Some varieties have delicate processing techniques. After the nail ends are cut, they are fired at high temperature. The end face is smooth and arc-shaped, and it is comfortable to wear. There are also some silver earrings (rings). The processing method is simple. After the silver nail is cut, the finished product is directly processed. The nail end face and the shank are 90°, and the edge is sharp. For some lack of experience in wearing earrings. For friends, the possibility of wearing such earrings to hang ear holes is greater.

Fourth, do a good job of cleaning

Some friends have been very good at the ear hole, they have not been to care, and sometimes hurt after the collision, bleeding and no anti-inflammatory care, resulting in inflammation of the ear cavity pustules. Therefore, after-the-fact cleaning care is also very important. There are ear holes, alcohol and cotton swabs should be regular items. You should always use alcohol cotton to clean and clean the gap between the ear holes in one month. Just like washing your face every day, the ear holes need to be cleaned every day. The care of the medicine can not be careless. Only careful care can make the ear hole fast and healthy.

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