Tips for the maintenance of ice jade carvings

Jade has strong toughness, but don't misunderstand this feature as not afraid of being beaten. As everyone knows, jade also needs careful maintenance. When wearing jade jewelry, try to avoid dropping it from high places or hitting hard objects, especially jade jewelry with a small amount of cracks. Otherwise it is easy to break or damage.

Jade jewelry is a symbol of elegance and holiness. If it is exposed to oil for a long time, oil stains will easily touch the surface and affect the brilliance. Sometimes dirty oily grease fills along the cracks of jade jewelry, which is unsightly. Therefore, when wearing jade jewelry, keep the jade jewelry clean, often wash it with a soft cloth in a neutral detergent, wipe it dry and then polish it with a silk cloth.

After the jade jewelry is carved, there are often waxes to increase its glamour. Therefore, jade jewelry cannot be in contact with acids, alkalis and organic solvents. Even unwaxed jade jewelry, because they are a multi-mineral aggregate, should not be in contact with acids and alkalis for a long time. These chemicals can cause corrosion on the surface of jade jewelry. Also, don't put the jade jewelry in the box for a long time. After a long time, the jade jewelry will "water loss" and dry out.

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