2015 Kat posture fruity autumn & feather new conference I was a big star

Competition objectives: to explore and train more outstanding children's models, to the vast number of fashion-loving children to create a stage that can fully demonstrate themselves and stimulate their own advantages and potential. Contest slogan: dare show, have you! Competition process: ⊙ [Kat posture fruiting children's clothing] "I am a big star" by the sea election, semi-finals, auditions and final four links ⊙ We through the sea election, semi-finals, auditions and finals, the final selection of the most promising small The contestants act as actors in this micro-movie ⊙ The small contestors who will be judged in the final will participate in the brand charity micro-movie which will be invested heavily in 2015 ⊙ The event will be held by well-known directors Zhang Zhencai and Chen Shaoqiang as guests Judge registration rules: ⊙ registration age: 2-16 years old ⊙ registration conditions: love [Katzi fruiting children's clothing] brand of small fruit powder they ⊙ registration form: see the major cities in the country [Katzi fruiting children's clothing] brand stores Invited famous director: Zhang Zhencai For many years engaged in animation screenwriting industry, participated in the production of 3D animation "Dinosaur Crisis" and other works, and then into the real film ranks, engaged in film and television advertising, TV screenwriter, director. Movie: Chen Shaoqiang, a film and television photographer such as "Nan Quan Heroes Biography", "Inheritance", "Lone Juvenile", "Impulse" and "Xiao Wu Lin", was born in Guangdong in September 1978 and entered the movie when Hong Kong's film industry gradually developed into the Mainland industry. Film works: "Cai Li Buddha - Master" director Cosco, as photography director "lone teenager" director Zhang Zhencai, as photography guide "crazy form" director Chen Shan, as photographer "rice regal movie" director Chen Shan, as a photographer "perfect Director of the festival "director Chen Shan, as a photographer" painted skin "director Ye Tianxing, as a photographer" chain "director Ye Tianxing, as a photographer" baby "director Ye Tianxing, as photographer" invincible kid "director Luo Mandi, as a photographer" Father and son "Director Gao Yifei, as a photographer," lead the wolf into the room, "Director Cosco, as a photographer" diary "director Gao Yifei, as a photographer participating in the Department of Microblogging child actor: male first child star - Zhang Jiarui Name: Zhangjia Rui Date of birth: 2007-12-03 Features: Film and television advertising models, actors, T Taiwan catwalk models, graphic models Participation in activities: Dodge cool Granville car commercial Hainan Sanya Yulin Valley Villa commercial Shanghai Happy Valley commercial Shenzhen Happy Valley commercials Changzhou China Dinosaurs Park (Thai fun) commercial Huier Kang "grain Valley of the" beverage ads Shenzhen Airlines flight safety commercials China Southern Airlines 878 Airbus ads Mengniu future stars ad Audi double diamond toys commercials Guangzhou Chime-long commercials Zhuhai Chime-long commercials Shanghai Happy Valley two ads Changzhou China Dinosaur Park (upgrade) commercials Star River real estate commercials Wuhu side special dream fantasy kingdom commercials such as female first child star - Shi Xuan Name: Shi Xuan Date of birth: 2007-8-16 Features: Plane model, singing, dancing, drums In the event: 2012 October 15, 2010 ------- Participate: Shenzhen Satellite TV did not show the opening dance dance (October 27, 2012 broadcast) January 13, 2013 ------- Participate in: Asia Wind Child Star style contest press conference was hired as the image ambassador 2013 年 03 月 22 日 ------- Attendance: Guest Xiang Xiang Xiu Na, Chapman, Wang Jing Film director 2011-04-24 ----- - Participate: Starring "Love Sparkle" TV series by Jiang Kai and Fan Yi-chen 2013-06-22 ------- Participate: Shenzhen Youth Channel "Flower Show Workshop" program recording July 10, 2013 - ------ To participate: "Katsuyuki Katsuya" 2013 autumn and winter new conference 2014 12 26 ----- participate: TV drama "Love me; you do not go" Zhou Yang appeared in childhood, etc.

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