Shulan "Princess" ushered in the Danish PWT "Prince" - Scholanger opened the new fashion era of integration of men and women

Everyone says "planted plane trees, attracted the Golden Phoenix", in the sunny March day, Shulan the beautiful and dignified "princess" ushered in the Danish "Prince" - WPT delegation representatives visit Dan representatives from both parties gathered in the Department of Scholar, opened Scholar joint venture international men 's prelude to diversification.


One is the head of China's fashion industry, the eldest daughter of women's enterprises and women's wear, one is the Danish Royal Fund chairman and men's business leaders, different color and language, the same wisdom and love and pursuit of fashion.


Mr. Henrik Theilbjorn, chairman of the visiting PWT Group and his company representatives, Mr. Wu Jianmin, Chairman of Shulang, led them to visit all departments of Shulang together and gave a detailed introduction on the functions and business division of each department during the visit. In front of the historical wall of Shulang, a brief introduction was made on the course of Shulang's development, and the details of Shuolan's brand style, research and development, quality inspection and customer service were shared so that Mr. Henrik Theilbjorn and his accompanying staff could feel China's fashion The charm and style of the brand enterprises, they are particularly good for the seamless coverage of Shulan across the national market, especially the quality principle that Shulan always insists is deeply affirmed and praised by Mr. Henrik Theilbjorn.


In the next exchange, the bearded talked about the deep understanding of the fashion industry, the precise grasp of the fashion trend of women and men for the future planning and layout of the cause of the business, a clear strategy for business development, the Danish partners impressed. During his conversation, he said that for many years, Schuler has taken the whole industrial chain mode and covered many aspects of production, design, research and development and sales. Now it can still be applied in other fields, The accumulation of experience in the consumer goods market, the accumulation of resources for all commercial channels, the quality of the insistence won the good reputation of consumers, coupled with the long-term team Shuran adhere to the joint venture into the field of men's clothing can be said that a natural solution, the consumer goods in this fifteen Years of experience and wealth will be the best lever Leveraging Shulang men's market.

At the same time, Henrik Theilbjorn also expressed confidence in the joint venture with Shulan to expand the Chinese market, in their view, China is undoubtedly a big cake, big market, PWT men's idea to enter the Chinese market has long been, but has not been found Appropriate partner and delay in action until meeting Mr. Shu-Lun Wu, chairman. In his opinion Wu Shumin, chairman of the board under the leadership of Scholarain is a very global perspective, promising development, challenging and innovative brand companies continue to follow the trend of popular in the pursuit of global fashion, popular details, and finally Well combined with Chinese consumers can be said that China's fashion field participants and leaders who are very optimistic about the future prospects for cooperation with Shulan.


The talks have been conducted in a pleasant atmosphere. The dialogue between the two fashion gay brothers who laugh at the fashion industry from fashion and innovation both at home and abroad to the trend of international finance, from the collision of Chinese and Western cultures to the details of cooperation, etc. Involved, both parties also hope that through this cooperation between men and women to achieve interoperability and integration, the meeting is full of two chairman of the new market, new areas of thinking and understanding, learning and reference, breakthrough and beyond, the future of Shu Lang Will achieve an overall breakthrough in the fields of women's wear, men's wear and cosmetics, and create greater motivation for creation and market potential. In the international arena, more and more of themselves have the right to speak of fashion.

Prince met the princess, a romantic story staged. Let us all look forward to the new experience brought by the integration of fashion culture between China and Denmark!



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