Collect jade to learn to distinguish other people's synthetic jade

Collect jade to learn to distinguish other people's synthetic jade

In China's collectible market, jade has always been loved by Tibetans. The wind of jade collection is getting stronger and stronger, and the price of jade is also rising, such as Hetian jade and Yan Huangyu. Driven by the interests, jade falsification is becoming more and more common, so a variety of synthetic jade articles have appeared on the market. For the first-time collectors, how to distinguish between natural jade and synthetic jade is especially important. This article will talk about how to identify other people to synthesize jade.

First, observe. The synthetic jade color is monotonous, lacks change, and the structure is too pure and flawless. Be aware that as long as it is natural jade, the metropolis has a small amount of defects, including impurities, cotton, cracks and so on.

Second, the feel. When the jade is played, the hand feels sour, and it is easy to leave scratches after rubbing, while the natural jade is greasy and has good hardness and will not leave traces easily.

Third, bubbles. Synthetic jade is often surrounded by air bubbles due to the process. Natural jade does not have such a problem, no matter the quality of the jade material, there will be no bubbles in its structure.


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