How little boy spring with more handsome fashion?

Although it is winter cold and windy, but since the winter has come, spring will not be too far, especially after the Spring Festival, the weather is getting warmer, then in the spring, we should dress up a little boy Just handsome and stylish? The following small series for everyone to support two strokes, parents will not collide to get new skills! A splicing section of the casual wear jacket is definitely a good choice, comfortable to wear and fit for naughty boy, with white printed T-shirt and jeans, and finally coupled with a pair of stylish sneakers, you can handsome fashion Go play and do exercise! Of course, can not be less in the spring of a denim jacket to dress up, like this little guy, like to choose a stylish denim jacket, and then take a simple printing underwear T-shirt, and finally add a stylish shade Cap, a cool sunglasses, easy to create a small tide men, the younger brother, you sauce magenta, you make hemp Ma? (Figure source: GMF children's clothing)

3D Sequins Embroidery Fabric

3D Sequins Embroidery Fabric.Most of these designs are designed by ourselves and you will see that it't very popular and pretty.

For example,blow 100% Polyester Natural Chalk White Spangle Embroidery Fabric

100 Polyester Natural Chalk White Spangle Embroidery Fabric

The mesh is polyester and sequin material is PET .The products is in soft handfeeling and suitable for children dress.evening party dress .garment dress etc.

We always shipp them to American.European and Turkey etc.It's really popular in the market.

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