10 maintenance tips to make your tourmaline bracelet shine

Today Xiaobian introduces ten simple and practical tourmaline bracelet maintenance methods for friends:


1. The maintenance of crystal is extremely simple. Just wash it with water or use a semi-wet cloth to remove the floating soil.

2. For the floating soil on the small crystal ornaments, you only need to brag and not wipe the stain to prevent the crystal surface from fluffing.

3. In addition, due to the high hardness of the crystal, the toughness is small, and it is easily damaged by heavy impact. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid bumping when using it in normal times.

4, should also pay attention to avoid the use of alkaline, acidic and alcohol-based detergents to avoid corrosion, such as ashtrays and other utensils 5, should also minimize the heating time to avoid oxidation damage.

5. When taking part in activities that may contaminate or contaminate the jewellery, such as sports, be sure to remove your tourmaline bracelet.

6. Remember to wear it after using cosmetics, hair gel or perfume instead of wearing it before.

7. When you remove the tourmaline bracelet, please do not pull it hard.

8. To stack your jewelry, place the tourmaline bracelet flat. The best way to store jewelry is to place the jewelry in the compartment of the jewelry box or in a pocket.

9. Carefully wipe off the oil and salt from the jewellery with a soft linen after each wear.

10. Spend some time to clean your tourmaline bracelet.

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