Smoke crystal variety

Smoke crystal is one of the most attractive members of the crystal family, referred to as Yanjing. Some people think that the beautiful color of this gemstone is caused by the radium emitting material in the rock around the primary deposit, actually in the surrounding rock seen in the Swiss Alps. The radioactivity content varies with height. This change causes different differences in the color or hue of the smoke crystals in the area. According to this inconsistency, experts can have a greater grasp of the crystals and their variants.

In the experiment, white crystals can be obtained by radioactive irradiation. The birthplace of smoky quartz is in Scotland, where people use it to decorate colorful national costumes and become the de facto "national stone." Although the interest in history and tradition is only a place of origin for gemologists, in fact, there are more smoke crystals in Scotland than in other regions. Brazil, the United States, Switzerland, Ceylon, and Spain, which have smoky deposits, are known to the world, especially in Maine, New Hampshire, and Colorado.

The sapphire crystal in the smoky crystal is like a smoke flowing in the air. Its color is caused by radiation. According to a 1979 study by Herba, when quartz is contained in aluminum, the colorless crystal is irradiated with cobalt 60, which turns into a tin crystal. The tinted glasses and accessories on the market are almost all products that are discolored. A long time ago, although some places produced smoky quartz, they would not be used.


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