What is Hetian Blue and White Jade?

Xinjiang Hetian blue and white jade, its formation is due to the presence of more fine graphite scales in the jade of Xinjiang Hetian jade. If the content exceeds 85%, it is called ink jade.


Hetian blue and white jade is also a bit of ink, ink and ink, and the ink color is also deep and shallow, so the market price is very different. Among them, the color of the ink is the worst, because the perception is that some black spots are scattered in the white or blue-white "base", and some people call it "sesame paste"; the ink is concentrated on the ink. This is the material that is most prone to ink and water. Recently, many people search for it. Moyu is in front of the sheep fat jade. Although the sheep fat jade has always been high in the market, the honor of its "identity" can still be seen from the "small three" position of Moyu.

Blue and white also have the distinction of mountain material and seed, and the smoke in Qinghai is easy to mix with.


It is not difficult for the blue-and-white jade jade to distinguish the blue-and-white mountain seed and the Qinghai tobacco. They use six words to distinguish them easily: Ling or stagnation, water with purple. Of course, it is not a day's work to truly understand the meaning of the spirit or the stagnation, the water and the purple.

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