ICICLE 禾 2015 spring and summer new professional suit with a single product recommended

The cinderella live-action movie screens actually reflect women’s rising status in today’s society. From Cinderella’s phrase “No! I want to protect the prince!” can be seen. Cinderella is simply a portrayal of modern independence, strong bravery, and true, good, and beautiful women. If Cinderella's story background changes to today, she will certainly be a self-improvement, tough and tough elite woman in the workplace.

The black suit is standing in the workplace, but wearing the body is sometimes too formal, it is easy to give people a serious feeling of Thailand. With khaki cropped pants, let the overall shape handsome, more casual and lively.

Perfect white

White can best embody the purity and elegance of women. It is the color that you can hold regardless of your age. With some simple and bright accessories, it becomes even more divided.

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Sheer Blouse

Green Blouse,Sexy Blouse,Puff Sleeve Blouse,Long Tops For Women

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