Good news: Mu soft underwear six downtown downtown 51

It is also the annual May Day Labor Day, which is a respect for all the workers who create and change the world. As Gorky said, "The best things in our world are created by our work and by our clever hands." And as Chainlink's underwear chain under Shantou Yunhe Garments Co. Ltd., Forget the majority of workers to provide better services and products. Having experienced the April 4th April Fool 's Day celebrate the new beginning of the four stores, we ushered in the May Day Labor Day six stores celebrate the good news.


Hefei Taihu shop


Jiangsu Suqian shop


Jiangsu Taizhou shop


Jiangxi Nanchang shop


After the Nanjing store


Anhui Wuhu shop

51 small holiday for the animal husbandry and soft underwear is definitely a celebration of a holiday, because in 51 during the Shepherd soft underwear, a total of Taihu Lake in Hefei, Jiangsu Suqian, Jiangsu Taizhou, Nanchang, Jiangxi shop in Nanjing, Jiangsu Wuhu Shop six stores grand opening! The new members joined the strong representatives of this animal husbandry and soft team is becoming more powerful, and animal husbandry and soft also have the confidence, the future of animal husbandry and softness will blossom everywhere, a well-known well-known underwear brand ! Finally, shepherd also wishes six new family members, business is booming, the source of wealth wide!

Woven Solid Fabric

This is the list of woven fabric. We are good at the woven fabric for ladies, most of our fabrics are woven.

Recently, we do more polyester fabric and rayon fabric. But we do more cotton before. All the items are good for garment, meanwhile you can use it to do others you want.

We have too many items, so can not show all the items in the list. If you have any similar fabric or looking for some counter sample, you can get touch with us, we can send you sample and price.

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