Life Tips: How to choose a pair of casual shoes

[This site - shoes and life] casual shoes, almost everyone has a pair. So how to choose a pair of casual shoes that suits you? Let Dr. Wang shoes for your professional analysis:

1. Be sure to actually try on the measurements. Do not use the size of the shoes you bought before to infer casual shoes. The shoes are not the same size. The size of the feet will also change.

2. Do not be confused by the size of the number, whether British, European or American size (also divided into men and women), the size of the size of the shoe factory will be affected by the standard and design, it is best to try on a few more adjacent size

3. Buy shoes at night! At night, people's feet will expand slightly, just as when walking in the mountains.

4. To try slowly, do not be too eager to make decisions. Prepare two and a half days to buy a pair of good shoes and try different brands and shoes. 5. With your own socks, it is best to use socks with hiking shoes

6.After tying the shoelace, if the active toe can touch the front wall, the new shoe may be slightly longer in width and thickness, but it will not increase in length. Too short shoes will often hit the toe and nails.

7. When trying on, wear shoes to walk, on the one hand to make the new shoes more flexible leather or fiber, on the one hand can also try to find out if there is no easy to feel uncomfortable

8. Buy a shoe that fits your purpose, but don't think about a pair of shoes for all uses. Also don't buy a special pair of shoes just for a special trip.

9. Grasp the feeling of your feet, pick the one that is most comfortable, try all the shoes with that standard, and only one person knows which pair of shoes is best for you.

10. The heel height of the shoes should be appropriate. 2 to 3 cm heel can make the arch more reasonable. It can close people's buttocks, tighten their abdomen, and keep their chest straight, making people look tall and vigorous. Flat shoes make people's center of gravity too far behind, when the heel walks, the vibration can be transmitted to the brain. Excessively high heel increases the toe and cheekbones and compresses the jaw and knees. The waist and abdomen tend to stay in balance to maintain balance. It is easy to cause strain on the muscles and ligaments in the waist and buttocks.

11, the tightness of the shoes should be appropriate. Too tight shoes will crush your feet, forming an eversion, corns and blemishes on the soles of your feet. Too loose shoes can lead to discomfort with the feet, and the soles are too hard, worn and painful. In general, the matching shoes do not press on the back of the foot, there is space for about one thumb in front of the shoe, there is room for the front foot to swing and the back cannot swing, and there is no feeling of friction between the heel and the upper. Moreover, the size of each person's feet is not the same. When trying out shoes, it is necessary to rely on the comfort of the oversized feet. Be sure to stand up and take a few steps to see if the two shoes are all with their feet. It is worthy of parents' attention that children must not be allowed to pass through tight shoes, otherwise the child's toes may be squeezed to cause abnormal growth. Keep a little space when buying shoes for your child. Change your shoes when you grow your feet.

12, casual shoes should pay attention to the use of materials breathable. Breathable materials are not only unpleasant, comfortable, but also difficult to get ankle. Some shoes are less breathable, especially on the soles of the shoes. Although they are strong, the feet are like a sauna. A pair of good shoes is far more important than a BMW. For those who need to stand for more than 9 hours a day, the feet are the hardest, and a pair of comfortable shoes should not be enough.

13, the elderly choose shoes. Older people who lose their flexibility and cannot tie their shoes, should pay attention to the shoes with an elastic at the mouth. And purchase lengthened shoehorns so that older people can pull the heel without bending. If it is an elderly person with painful foot injuries, it is best to order shoes and special plastic foam foam shoes to reduce pain and increase the severity of injuries. For those with heel bone spurs, heels can be used. Empty sockliner relieves pressure around the spurs and relieves pain. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center. Next: How to tie the lace is nice)

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