The core competitiveness of modern CNC machine tool system suppliers

The core competitiveness of modern CNC machine tool system suppliers.
Establish an effective user problem feedback mechanism; establish a customer-oriented concept and establish a rapid service system; automobile production is mass production in large quantities, and maintenance and repair of production equipment should be timely. Timely and effective services enhance the competitiveness of the company; at the same time, it is beneficial to improve the quality of machine tools.
Emphasis on the reliability design of machine tools, the reliability of machine tools is mainly guaranteed by a reliable machine tool manufacturing system, and the quality control of the manufacturing process must be emphasized; ensuring the consistency of the manufacturing process is very important for the machine tool manufacturing industry.
Take advantage of open opportunities and international opportunities; absorb and digest, and establish machine tool standards that are synchronized with the international.
Pay attention to the exchange and cooperation with CNC system manufacturers, and timely develop the CNC system with its own intellectual property rights. The CNC system should be open and can meet the needs of auto parts manufacturing.
Establish a reliable machine tool manufacturing system, abide by the contract, and pay attention to the delivery date.
At the 8th International Machine Tool Exhibition in the country, a number of domestic equipment manufacturers have exhibited their own new products, such as the PM400II high-speed processing heart produced by Dongfeng Equipment Factory, Dalian Yida Riping, Shenyang CNC and other manufacturers exhibited processing. The heart is more suitable for the processing of engine gearbox housing parts, Nanjing 2 machine tool, CNC machine tool produced by Chongqing Machine Tool Plant, CNC gear shaping machine, CNC gear shaving machine is suitable for gear gear tooth profile machining, and many other CNC Machine tool manufacturers have also exhibited a wide range of CNC machine tools. It is believed that domestic CNC machine tool manufacturers are only able to establish a user-oriented market concept and adhere to the idea of ​​continuous improvement. They are fully capable of manufacturing high-quality CNC machine tools and flexible manufacturing systems that meet the requirements of automobile manufacturing and production. Domestic automakers are completely With our own CNC machine tools, we have been able to support the production of cars.

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