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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the wearing of jewelry is also very particular. So, how do we choose the jade bracelet, how to distinguish it?

Emerald is a natural mineral that has been formed for a long time. Today, the market for jade is in high demand and is in a state of greater demand than supply. As the mineral resources are subject to policy restrictions, the price of jade stone and handicrafts has been further stimulated, but consumers have not been blocked from buying jade. So how do you buy a jade bracelet?

Buying a jade bracelet can be based on the following four aspects:

1. Look at the bracelet for cracks. The crack can be said to be a fatal injury to the jade bracelet. The crack has both the original jade material and the original process. You can use the condenser to view the sides and inner and outer sides of the jade bracelet. Cracks in the diameter will greatly damage the value of the jade bracelet;

2. See if jade has flaws. Look at the bracelet with flaws, black spots, yellow spots, stone flowers, etc., which are detrimental to the beauty of jade;

3, look at the craftsmanship of jade. Processing precision, good jade bracelet is even and thin, polished well, with a sense of slippery, touched by hand, no uneven feeling, flat on the glass, smooth, no sound;

4. Pick the right size. To see the size of the circle, that is, the inner diameter of the bracelet, it is generally appropriate to wear a finger gap on the wrist, too large to slip and lose, too small to wear and unload.

In summary, the method of purchasing jade bracelets can effectively and quickly purchase jade bracelets. For more details, please pay attention to China Jewelry

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