Warmly celebrate the women's costumes in Chengdu, Chongzhou Huaiyuan shop grand opening

MARLOCA Man Lu card just like Chun Xu sunshine, frequently to the vast number of women bring surprise again and again, so that women in different places have the opportunity to enjoy elegant, simple beauty and fashion. Today, Chengdu Chongzhou Huaiyuan Man Luka brand stores also ushered in a grand opening.

MARLOCA Man Luka as a fashion brand value of choice for women , will be the dawn of the dawn, to lead every woman bloom different elegance.

蔓露卡 - MARLOCA 热烈庆祝蔓露卡女装成都崇州怀远店盛大开业 热烈庆祝蔓露卡女装成都崇州怀远店盛大开业

Chengdu Chongzhou Huaiyuan shop

Every detail of the MARLOCA card is integrated into the noble, intellectual, fashionable and persistent soul. Exquisite tailoring, the rational combination of geometric elements beat art notes; minimalist urban color interpretation, nostalgia reinterpretation highlights the eclectic noble soul, for the city women to bring a good dress experience at the same time, to create Distinctive elegance.

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