Marcuss - Spring and summer 2015 new plant printing trends

Whether it is the Spring / Summer 2015 launch of the men's clothing for several international luxury brands or the street of the Pitti Uomo men's show in Florence in January this year, it is not hard to find the clothing with the floral print in the most eye-catching. Marcuss Spring and summer plant printing as the theme of menswear trends, the theme of printing highlights the vibrant nature, giving a deep visual impression and sensual charm. Patterns and colors complement each other, depicting a vibrant colorful outline, the overall shape is both stylish, comfortable, yet calm, and further convey will be living, dynamic, passionate new elite inherent. Fashionable vanilla green jungle prints, full of tension and vitality of nature, open rich and free body and mind, embrace passionate life, artistic fashion attitude to convey the essence of the new elite life, bringing deep inspiration for the modern. Adhering to the usual atmosphere of the design style, fashion printing, high-quality fabrics, but also highlight the personal charm of clothing, full of texture of a single product, structured, with a simple but not simple plant printing series to create a modern faction Luxury art style of fashion elegance. Marcuss2015 spring and summer new products have been listed all over the country, to show you the most elegant taste with the fashion, welcome to the major stores throughout the country to choose.


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