Kola "art feast" Shandong Jinan store grand opening

CHKNAK Kou pull to stylish, sophisticated, elegant dresses, shaping the light Mature confident, elegant image of charm, the beauty of the female temperament interpretation of the head. The pursuit of diamond-like quality of life; to achieve the magnificent dream of diamond life. Careful management of their own beauty, hope dazzling like a diamond, unique. This is CHKNAK Koala, April 24, 2015 CHKNAK Shandong Jinan store dress up, diamond-shining shop image to bring a unique transformation journey, so you always experience Platinum-level exclusive services.


SUMMER new product has been listed! Welcome to the store to buy!


2015 Summer is Koala's art feast, art gives fashion unlimited imagination and innovative forms of change, unreal flowers, in different poses and with one after another, each spit fragrance.

Blackout Curtain

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