He: in.f ​​Because of the children's clothing, Jiangsu Nantong Wenfeng grand opening May 1!

Good news naturally will not refuse to hear the good news we will follow up the mood, then Xiaobian to report a good news, that is in.f ​​because of whether the children's clothing Wutong, Jiangsu Nantong May Day grand opening, five A place with the children have a place to slightly, and quickly note in.f ​​because of the new children's clothing store address it, the new store Address: Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, Rugao Wenfeng big world on the fourth floor counters Whether in.f ​​is English in fantasy (in fantasy) Short name. in.f kids is a childhood with a fantastic color. With its color matching design, it creates a stylish dream childhood for children. At the same time, it has its own unique cultural concept. We pay attention to the shaping and persistence of brand culture, and perform the beautiful fantasy world of children in good faith. in.f Whether the children's clothing 2015 summer new style is also a very fresh feeling, Mayday in.f ​​Because of children's wear waiting for you to come slightly, quickly to fashion it, we never stop, in the self-denial and strive to change. Intention to create children's physical and mental health to fit the growth of high-quality clothing, guide and change the aesthetic quality of children.

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