What to do for Halloween? Onkyo children's wear tell you the origin of Halloween

On the 1st of each year is the traditional Western festival - Halloween. Now, however, everyone celebrates on the eve of Halloween, or in other words, on October 31. That night people will wear "ghost clothes", put on masks, and kids will collect candies door-to-door. Small wild leopard's friends may also be in the store to prepare some candy, so that the children into the store after discussing the candy game, with a funny Halloween ~ Here to share with you the interesting story of Halloween ~ The origin of Halloween more than two thousand Years ago, the European Catholic Church set November 1 as "ALL HALLOWS DAY." "HALLOW" means the meaning of saints. It is said that the CELTS living in Ireland, Scotland and other places moved the festival one day from the beginning of the 5th century BC to October 31. They think the day is the official end of the summer, which is the beginning of the new year, the beginning of the harsh winter. At that time, people believed that the souls of the deceased would return to the former residence on that day to look for souls in the living and to regenerate them, and this is the only hope for regenerating after death. Living people, on the other hand, are afraid of losing souls to take their lives, so people extinguish the fire and candlelight on this day, so that dead souls can not find their living creatures, and they dress themselves up as demon monsters and scare the souls of the dead. After that, they will again fire the candle light to start a new year's life. Legend has it that at that time, there were Celtic tribes who killed their living people on October 31 to sacrifice their lives. By the first century AD, the Romans, who occupied the Celtic territories, gradually accepted the custom of halloween but abolished the barbaric practice of sacrificing the dead to sacrifice the living. The Romans celebrated the Harvest Festival in combination with the Celtic rituals, wearing horrible masks, dressed as animals or ghosts, to rid themselves of the demon wandering around them. This is why today most people in the world dress up in ecstasy to celebrate Halloween. The passage of time, the meaning of Halloween has gradually changed, become positive and happy, happy means has become the mainstream. Dead soul to find substitute life back argument is gradually being abandoned and forgotten. Today, a symbol of Halloween's image, pictures such as witch, black cat, mostly friendly and lovely and funny face. Halloween costume Halloween costumes, thousands of people, not just monotonous ghosts. Make the simplest ghost clothes with a white sheet on the top of the head, pull the two holes to stay out of eyes; To play a magician, put on black pants, and then put on black hat, and top hat and head Hide a small bunny spare; children wear white pants, and then tied behind a flashlight in the head dressed as a little angel; there are parents dress their children into their favorite cartoon image. Halloween Customs - Trick or Treat Without Trick or Treat A fun part of Halloween is not the Irish but the European Christian Church that started in the ninth century. At that time on November 2, Christians called "ALL SOULS DAY" (All Souls Day). On this day, believers travel in remote towns and villages, begging from home to beg for the "soul cake" made from flour and raisins. It is said that those who donate pastry believe in the prayer of the church monks and look forward to the blessings of God so that their dead relatives can enter heaven as soon as possible. This tradition of house-to-house begging has now turned into a game where children carry pumpkins and lanterns from house to house for sweets. When meeting, the children dressed as ghosts are stereotyped with the "no sugar to make trouble" threat, but the owner naturally not neglect, repeatedly said "Please eat! Eat!" At the same time the candy into the children Carry in the big pocket. There is also a pumpkin carved the story of a lantern. This is again from ancient Ireland. The story is to say a man named JACK, is a drunk and love mischief. One day JACK lied the devil on the tree, then engraved a cross on the stump, intimidating the devil so that he did not dare to come down, and then JACK and the devil about the three chapters, allowing the devil to grant magic to make JACK never sin as a condition for him to get under the tree. After JACK's death, his soul was neither able to go to heaven nor to hell, so his souls had to rely on a small candle to guide him between heaven and earth. In the ancient Irish legend, this little candle was placed in a hollowed-out radish, called "JACK LANTERNS", and the ancient radish lamp evolved to today is Jack-O-Lantern made of pumpkin . Shortly after the Irish arrived in the United States, the pumpkin is said to have become a pet for Halloween, finding that pumpkins outnumber radishes, both in origin and in engraving. Children's Holiday Privileges Halloween is a good time for children to enjoy themselves. It is in the eyes of children, is a mysterious festival. As night fell, the children could not wait to wear colorful make-up, put on a variety of mask, put a "Jack light" ran out to play. The look of Jack Lantern is very cute by hollowing out a pumpkin with a smiling eyes and a big mouth on it, then inserting a candle in the melon and lighting it so that people can see it far away This naive smiling face. Packed up, a group of children dressed as demons ghost mobile "Jack light", ran to the neighbors in front of intimidated shouting: "To prank or treat", "give money or to eat." If adults do not have candy, treat them with change, those naughty children said to do: Well, you do not entertain, I'll tease you. They sometimes paint the door handles of other people with soap and sometimes color the cats of others. These little pranks often make adults ridiculous. Of course, most people are very happy to treat these innocent little guests. So on Halloween night the kids are always stuffed and full of pockets. The most popular game on Halloween night is "bite the apple." During the game, people float their apples in water-filled basins, and then let the children bite their apples with their mouths without using their hands. Who bites first is the winner.

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