At the end of the year, "busy mode" will open which jewelry will give you good luck.

At the end of the year, when you are busy, you should not neglect your health when you are working hard. What jewelry can escort you for a busy day?


1, the lady level: ruby

For women, ruby ​​is also a good choice. Ruby has the magic of smashing the jewels, and it guarantees the safe travel while not losing the unique charm of women.


2, tourmaline: evil spirits

Often running around, there will always be some evil, and things that are not clean will always follow you and bring you bad luck.

The Chinese who believe in ghosts and gods always like to wear some evil spirits, and the tourmaline is the most popular among Chinese people, especially young people. The tourmaline has the reputation of “falling into the rainbow of the mortal world”. The tourmaline homophonic is “dispelling evil spirits”, which can remove evil spirits for the wearer.


3, Gule Tianhe Stone Hand Ball: Fortune

Women struggle in the workplace, of course, I hope to have good luck, and of course I will be very happy. The Chinese believe that some things will bring good luck to themselves, and many people have their own lucky objects or lucky numbers.

Gulai hand beads gather lucky, fortune, nobles, and a little speculative taste. Many people wear Gulai hand beads to look forward to good luck in life or work.


4, amethyst: peace

When work pressure is high, the most prone to emotions are anger, and it is inevitable that you will be bored, and it is inevitable that your mind will develop a sense of resentment.

Amethyst symbolizes peace and security. In Western customs, amethyst is the birthstone of February, symbolizing honesty, kindness, wide-ranging, safe and auspicious. When the state of mind is peaceful, it can bring inspiration and wisdom.

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