Baccarat pcora settled in Meiling, Sichuan Danleng County, I wish you an open business is booming

This is a pass to Sichuan, a business venture to change the sharp surprise tickets, ask me what the surprise, continue to read the following, as you immediately revealed the answer! Congratulations Bakora PCora settled in Meiling, Sichuan Danleng County opened, the business is booming! "PCORA Baccarat" to "lead the fashion, close to nature" for the design concept, adhering to the "fashion, personality, lively and comfortable" European-style, simple and elegant style, classic and elegant. New store opened, welcomed the friends in Sichuan to go buy! Clever Sichuanese, hard-working Sichuanese, especially hard-working Sichuanese, in choosing to invest in a children's wear brand is definitely not blind, valued Baccarat children's clothing is definitely by virtue of its impressive reputation and market image. Brand advantages: international brand image, reasonable price positioning, a number of authoritative certification and honor, unconventional momentum of development, excellent quality and service reputation. Market Advantages: The brand has been established for more than five years. It has opened more than 600 sales outlets nationwide and 100,000 VIP customers share resources. The counter has been ranked the forefront of children's clothing brand in the performance of the shopping mall. The brand's age range covers children aged 1 to 16, Broad market capacity, will help enhance the performance of retail single store. Want to get rich, first venture! Fortune Tel: Mr. Ho

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