5 reasons to make your breasts more and more drooping women changed their mind

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1 bra size does not match, wear is not correct

Long-term wear too large or too small bra will affect the development of the chest. Studies have shown that bras can not provide enough support over time, the size of women's breasts will change, such as 15-year-old adolescent breasts and breast size at 25 years of age may not be the same, pregnant women, before and after breastfeeding There will be differences in size. Therefore, then buy the bra will adjust the size, tried before buying.

2 You did not drink enough water

Fat and collagen are the main components of the breast. Ignoring the water can make your skin look rough, so usually drink enough water to ensure adequate intake of water to provide adequate nutrition to the chest, and maintain the balance of hormone levels, you can make the chest full of strong.

3 lack of sun

Like to wear a vest in the summer? Be sure to apply sunscreen on all skin to be exposed, or sunburn can cause premature aging and unnecessary sagging.

4 love smoking

Loving female breasts are prone to sagging as the chemicals in tobacco cause the skin to become loose.

5 over-diet to lose weight, protein intake

Excessive diet Long-term state of hunger, the body will inevitably transfer stored fat and protein to deal with, reduce chest fat, loose skin, breast loss, and nutrition caused by shrinkage of glandular tissue, the overall reduction of the chest, but the connection of the chest and Breast connective tissue did not decrease, so the chest becomes smaller and more drooping.

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