Warm congratulations ‖ HOKABR Hunan Yiyang shop gorgeous bloom

November 14, a light luxury party HOKABR Hunan Yiyang gorgeous bloom, many beauty who come to share the combination of light luxury and elegant beauty of the time.

红凯贝尔 - HOKABR

HOKABR brand aims to: redefine the "light luxury" life, to create a consumer elegant, gorgeous, sophisticated and perfect service shopping space for modern urban women explore the essence of life: focus on the quality of life, cherish the current happiness, superior temperament Become a lifestyle!

Fashion curtain · SHOW TIME

热烈祝贺 ‖HOKABR湖南益阳店华丽绽放

热烈祝贺 ‖HOKABR湖南益阳店华丽绽放

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热烈祝贺 ‖HOKABR湖南益阳店华丽绽放


热烈祝贺 ‖HOKABR湖南益阳店华丽绽放

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