Winter What color winter clothing color popular

The establishment of winter has passed a long time, our winter clothing is not ready about it? Adult clothes anyway, Xiaobian already know that are mainly dark, then the children's clothing should be based on what color it? Feel better with bright colors, Mang Si children's winter fashion colors, so winter is not monotonous vitality Oh. Winter styles can choose stitching style, Mans pink and striped dress or lace stitching dress style, or striped and red dress style, lower body with thick leggings, coupled with a scarf hat, warm and stylish, Oh can also be coupled with the coat, the winter cold is not afraid. Taking off the jacket in the room as a single wear is also very bright. Winter jacket color, the jacket is now more and more difficult to choose, Mansi children's wear to teach their children how to wear children's clothing, big red lamb coat jacket printed doll shirt with a light-colored pants. Bright and cute, woolen plaid coat style with T-shirt, or knitwear can be two styles and colors are very in place coat, moms are still hesitant?

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