Winter common basic coat with saint basic coat with tips

In the eyes of the designers, an ordinary clothing, it has its own unique bright spot and mission, as long as the bold taste and learn to match, you can make your wardrobe the simplest single product exudes infinite brightness! Some common coat style, how to look good with it?

圣陌 - Crisantemo

Simple style straight coat, is an essential wardrobe in the year, not only the style is also very easy to fit with itself, like the model, the lake green jacket with a white sweater is very comfortable and seductive. If you inadvertently add a "heart" can make you slightly better, such as wearing a British style underwear feet trousers, black and white vertical stripes lower body, immediately enrich your connotation with British temperament.

冬季常见基本大衣如何搭配 圣陌基本款大衣搭配技巧

In addition to the lower body plus more skills, the clever choice of the upper body to take, but also allows us to look fresh and refined, such as the model of this lake blue woolen jacket choose white shirt collar as built-in, not only very professional fresh but also have good Color, and coat the sleeve design and belt Slim, but also the perfect highlight of your soft body, is a sweet professional girls can try Oh.

Picture source: St. street women

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