18 Lady Square 2015 Winter New Women's Pink Coat

In the winter of 2015, pink has become a hot trend of clothing trends, to see how to control the pink?

Eighteen ladies Square 2015 winter new women's pink coat with fashion trends

"Pink + Stripe"

Stripes are a timeless classic in the fashion world. The combination of a black and white striped dress and a pink jacket is bright and special, allowing you to become dignified and elegant. To wear this way to work, intellectual and generous.

Of course, if you go out and play, you can pair it with a personalized hat or stylish stockings, so you will be fashionable and sweet for an instant.

"Pink + White"

Pink + white, sweet and stylish, suit collar design, so that you no longer worry about such a mix will be too naive, pink jacket with white pants, young and dynamic, whether it is a friend party or go out to play, are very suitable .

"Pink + Grey / Black"

If you want to be slightly mysterious and elegant, pink can also be used with gray or black, dark mature, with a soft pink, just complement each other, also very nice! Going to work or dating like this is a good choice!

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