Inova Wei INUOVI launched the spring of 2011, "Heart Soul" series of new products

Time hurriedly, February has quietly arrived, in February, should take eternal affection back to home, in February, spring comes again, the peach blossom. Valentine's Day, Lantern Festival, the festivals on love gathered in the spring festival, always warm and beautiful. Like a peach tree in spring, out of pink flowers full of branches, numerous overlapping.

伊娜薇INUOVI 推出2011春季“心相持”系列新品

INUOVI Inova in February, and love, and happiness. The eternal feelings, love's promise into the clothing, so light clothing has a heavy texture. Emotions with the spread of the texture and structure of clothing, became the media of interaction between people and clothing, but also became the expression of emotion between lovers. Heart stubborn, emotional expression of support and high profile. Put on new clothes and be brand new: "I'm special, because in this world I'm the only one who can love you lovingly."

伊娜薇INUOVI 推出2011春季“心相持”系列新品

Inna Wei INUOVI 2011 spring new series using silk, silk and other fabrics, around the body to move the jacquard, noble shoulders, the natural flow of lines, are all true feelings of visual interpretation. A-type, X-type, as well as the free and easy denim suits, asymmetrical design, with a variety of ways, interesting yet elegant, pure white, sea blue, static black ... ... gorgeous colors as the steps walk, cheerful dancing!

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