Footwear companies strive to create "Chinese creation" to achieve brand value

Since the spring of 2011, domestic prices of raw materials such as cotton and rubber have been “high fever” and have caused various sports brands to “buzz up”. The domestic professional sports brand Peak CEO Xu Zhihua said, "In the face of rising raw material prices, companies can not blindly transfer cost pressures to consumers, but also should start with brand building, product added value, increase bargaining space, thereby enhancing the risk control capabilities." The industry experts put forward that “In the context of rising costs and intensifying competition, brand value competition has become the ultimate competition among companies, and the promotion of brand value has become a way of survival for today’s companies.”

On March 28th, Peak 2011 Winter New Product Ordering Conference was held in Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center. At the fair, Peak CEO Mr. Xu Zhihua together with partners from all over the country and around the world to discuss Peak's strategic marketing plan in 2011: In 2011, Peak will focus on mobilizing all resources to continue the internationalization and professionalization of the brand. , Strengthen the company's independent research and development capabilities, improve the brand building, and ultimately achieve the Peak brand value of all-round improvement, continuous and effective "China created" in the end. In addition, at the ordering meeting, Peak Group will also be the first top-level partnership with the 7th National City Games to be held in Nanchang, Jiangxi in October this year. By then, Peak’s professional sports equipment will be from Hong Kong and Macao. Nearly 7,000 athletes from about 56 cities across the country are fueling.

Peak's internationalization strategy has been going on for six years since 2005. Building a world-renowned Chinese brand is a strategic goal for the company's long-term development. Recently, “China Created” has been put on the strategic course. Industry insiders speculated that Peak will further develop its brand vision. Expanded to the global scope, the internationalization strategy will be further upgraded.

In February of this year, at the NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest in Los Angeles, a sneakers fashion show by Peak directed the climax and became the focus of American public attention. In the last dunk, from behind the backboard dunk, McKee's feet wearing a pair of "unpaired" shoes: one is red and white blue, the other is just red and yellow. The author of the famous "Wall Street Journal" commented that this is not a 23-year-old star accidentally wearing the wrong shoes, "it is a very mixed diplomatic effect."

This pair of "diplomatic sneakers" is a pair of 5 pairs of All-Star deduction basketball shoes that Peake designed for McKee, inspired by the flags of the United States and China, echoing the Chinese national image one month ago. Acting as a diplomatic messenger also caused the mainstream American media such as the Washington Post, MSNBC and the Los Angeles Times to focus on this matter in succession.

It was no accident that Peak made a beautiful shot in this international basketball event that was broadcast live to 215 countries and regions around the world. In addition to the partnership with NBA officials and its own spokesperson for 15 NBA players, the Chinese brand was international. The company has laid a solid foundation in the market. At the same time, this series of brand event operations is just a wonderful work for the first time that the Peak American subsidiary team established in Los Angeles and China’s domestic headquarters have cooperated. In this year's All-Star Game, Peak’s signed stars include McGee in the slam dunk contest, Wright in the 3-point shooting contest, and Luff in the Western All-Star team. Peak has also become a star in the NBA history. The Chinese brand that signed the most stars on the weekend. Industry sources said: Strong landing NBA All-Star Game, helping Peak to start the first international full-scale, and the internationalization of the road is still very long, resource allocation and resource creation is one of the key.

It is understood that the US subsidiary will work more closely with NBA alliances, NBA teams, and NBA players, and Peak CEO Xu Zhihua said: "The US subsidiary will fully mobilize global resources to help Peak achieve internationalization of its brands, internationalization of capital, and talents. Internationalization and internationalization of the market, adhering to China's creation is a strong weapon for the internationalization of Peak."

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