Textile and Apparel Industry: Luxury is Crazy

Global Focus on China's Luxury Consumption: In June 2011, as the famous American travel suitcase brand Samsonite and Italian top brand Prada will successively be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Asia Pacific region, especially Greater China, has become the focus of the global luxury goods market. .

We believe that more and more international luxury brands have made the Hong Kong Stock Exchange the first choice for listing. Apart from the higher valuation premium, the growth rate of eye-catching luxury goods consumption in the Greater China Region, especially in China, is even more important. . China's luxury goods consumption is “crazy”: In terms of the euro, in 2010, the consumption of luxury goods in mainland China increased by 30% year-on-year, far faster than the Asia-Pacific region and global growth of 23% and 12%. China has become a global luxury consumer growth. Engine. China's luxury goods consumption has the following characteristics: (1) Men are the main consumers, and women's consumption levels are rising; (2) Domestic consumption is growing faster than overseas consumption; (3) New consumer groups are the main force for growth.

High-end consumer groups support the continued growth of luxury goods consumption in China. We believe that the main reasons for the rapid growth of China's luxury goods consumption are: (1) The rapid growth of the Chinese economy for 20 years is the most fundamental reason; (2) The rapid growth of high-end consumer groups. It is the most solid supportive force; (3) The continuous growth of overseas tourism is also one of the important forces driving the consumption of luxury goods in China; (4) Consumption with Chinese characteristics, such as official consumption and business gifts, also constitutes the most stable consumption of luxury goods in China. power. Two types of companies will benefit: We believe that the following two types of companies will benefit from China's rapidly growing consumption of luxury goods: (1) Homegrown luxury brands such as Ordos, Oblanto, Xiangyunsha, etc.; (2) Overseas Luxury brand agents, such as Rollei Home Textiles, Seven Wolfs, and Annunciation Birds. Risk Warning: If the domestic economy shows a significant slowdown, it may have an impact on China's luxury goods consumption.

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