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Zhen Zhi US WISDOMB was born in 2003 after years of accumulated experience, three breakthroughs in expansion, has developed into a well-known international apparel brand . Humen in Dongguan City as a base to build a marketing network all over the country, Zhen Chi WISDOMB to meet the domestic market at the same time, the international strategic layout. WISDOMB brand now has exported to Russia, South Korea, Europe and other international markets, and further become a real international fashion brand.

贞智美 - WISDOM&B

Silver, exudes a gentle and refined fashion, Zhen Zhi beauty is so color to convey feelings, style interpretation of fashion, to create a knowledgeable, sensitive, romantic, seductive urban image.


Simple and smooth new feeling, Zhen Zhi US WISDOMB the world's female SHOW full Eastern fashion, the magic of beauty. Korean brand Zhen Zhi-US to make the ladies of the new era with a stylish and modern urban atmosphere and vitality.


Zhen Zhi US WISDOMB brand to style natural, simple, stylish, showing the youthful charm of urban professionals, Zhen Chi WISDOMB to the modern urban professionals brought a light and comfortable, natural and relaxed enjoyment.


Zhen Chi WISDOMB brand since its inception, the company has been adhering to the "Yikeweizun, credibility of priceless" business philosophy. Focus on promoting the clothing culture, to cater to consumer fashion, conform to the popular trend. In the process of WISDOMB rapid development, the company relies on the customer service platform, and every one who sells WISDOMB brand business partners to achieve complementarity, mutual benefit and win-win development.


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