Stefanie Sun is the time new album new style

Stefanie with a new album "is the time" return to the music scene, after 4 years of dormant Stefanie in this styling with long hair wild attitude, compared with the previous has more femininity, lace dress, wild leather , Leopard Floral patterns and so on, all show Stefanie a mature woman side.

嘉奈芘 - the Carnaby

Stefanie Sun, a black perspective chiffon modeling for the new album film, rock style, a trace of black tassel decoration highlight cool cool fashion sense, full of mystery black chiffon, looming, interpretation of independence and sense of freedom.


Slim blue dark silk fabric pants, shoulder design, so Yanzi small Lu Xiang Shifei feminine. Plus color handbag, add more fashion charm, but also very personal style.


And in addition to the singer, Stefanie another identity is the fashion designer, the brand's own brand the Carnaby women's brand is also under the leadership of Stefanie Tiger Tiger Granville.


At present, the Carnaby2011 spring and summer series has been listed, youthful and moving, the design of the soul has Yan Zi gives the innocence and agility, but also contains a small woman Yanzi flavor, like Yan Zi of you, like her song at the same time I believe you will not miss her design.

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