2011 Spring and summer color end ruby ​​color detonated summer boom

Leading Word: This summer's color bursts, a variety of bright colors detonated the summer color boom, rich ruby-like ruby ​​color began this year's color journey, charming and charming.

2011春夏色彩终结 红宝石色引爆夏季热潮(图1)

Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2011 Women's Collection

2011春夏色彩终结 红宝石色引爆夏季热潮(图2)

Louis Vuitton

Shiny 70s

Glossy rock girdles and vintage shoulder bags with metallic highlights fill the Glam-Rock colours of the 1970s.

2011春夏色彩终结 红宝石色引爆夏季热潮(图3)

Red cow shoulder bag Maison de la VANILLE La Maison de la VANILLE nvin

Thickness cannot be achieved

A leather shoulder bag that is as thick as a fruit paste and looks like it can't help but touch. The warm color of this punctuality suits the warm summer bursts of early summer.

2011春夏色彩终结 红宝石色引爆夏季热潮(图4)

Metal & Wood Fan Page Sculpture Bracelet Louis Vuitton

Camp girl wrist

There are both fanaticism in the Oriental regiment, and there is a dazzling touch of fashion in the Western buildings, typical of the hedonism of the Campan Girls.

2011春夏色彩终结 红宝石色引爆夏季热潮(图5)

Purple Orange Bicolor Lace High Heels Louis Vuitton

More sexy than the deer

Let the deer's legs instead of the traditional high-heeled, slender ropes to tie your slender jade foot, and take a swift step on his date than the young deer!

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