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A little crazy but always elegant, wanton fantasy and understated subtle, Corset fashion is to enjoy the driving force of life, we are all kinds of style Casso fusion of modern women optimistic, confident and independent spirit of the times, the interpretation of the 21st century fashion women's brand new Life concept Her sexy, feminine charm naturally reveals, irresistible; her self-confidence, understanding of themselves, do not care about other people's eyes, she uses the fashionable charm of the expression of passing the modern generation of women's inner passion; she elegant, exudes mysterious elegance, romantic tenderness of the woman Taste, dreams lead the trend. Casoter dreams have become within reach.

卡索 - Castle

Founded in 1996, Zhuhai Kasou Fashion Co., Ltd. is a professional brand apparel enterprise with advanced management concepts integrating product development, production, marketing and planning. Since the company's business model transformation in 2002, more than 200 counters / shops have been set up across the country, with a sales volume of 600,000 pieces. The company invested heavily in 2007 in Zhuhai High-tech Zone construction area of ​​15,000 square meters Cassault Castle Design Center, creating a new mode of operation of garment enterprises.

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