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gretton Green Code colored cotton children's wear under the Beijing Guanghua Group, is a collection of children's wear development, sales in one of the large children's wear business, "gretton Green Code colored cotton, comfortable without limits ..." gretton Green Code colored cotton children's wear to give up the flashy decoration, pay attention The inherent quality, with exquisite detail reflects the connotation of the brand, high-quality colored cotton fabric to bring children comfortable and healthy. gretton Green Code color cotton children's clothing / fine workmanship impeccable, elegant style is the best choice for parents. At present, the company has owned "Gretton Green Code colored cotton" as the middle-grade and high-grade health and environmental protection series of textile products, with "Su-Tao" as the organic textiles that will lead the future development. With "Yulu" as the popular children's clothing brand, Multi-market integrated system. In the face of the results, the company did not stop and continue to actively expand the market, with industry associations, technology centers, universities and other partners to carry out a number of cooperation, adhere to establish its own brand image, and actively explore a variety of business channels, and made more Big success, full of vitality!

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