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CORONA ( Corona ) was born in 1995, after more than 10 years of accumulation, three breakthroughs in expansion, has now developed into a billion-dollar assets, with the international market well-known clothing brand . CORONA located in the public both personalized black and white classic fashion, consumer groups 25-40 years old, the pursuit of lifestyle taste of urban women. As a representative of black and white women's clothing, "CORONA" is synonymous with black and white fashion with its unique charm.


Location and high-end positioning Ke Luo Na, the market positioning in the provincial capitals, second and second tier cities in the second and third tier cities in some economically developed first-line department stores. Committed to make Colona into China's "first living" black and white women's clothing. Colona brand Hong Kong celebrity endorsements from Gigi Leung, continued in the country's major satellite TV, the famous domestic airport large outdoor advertising and distinctive large flagship store to promote brand culture ads.


CORONA has the nation's largest flagship fashion brand stores, its stores all over the country in major cities. CORONA brand clothing has always been the favorite of Chinese fashion women and sought after, but also exported to Russia, South Korea, Siberia and other international markets. Years of hard work has won CORONA a number of honors such as "Guangdong Famous Brand", "Top Ten Most Famous Brands in Shenzhen" and "Most Popular by Customers".


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