Collection of taste: colorful rabbit stamps

Collection of taste: colorful rabbit stamps

In order to welcome the New Year of the Rabbit, the postal departments of many countries and regions in the world have successively issued zodiac rabbit stamps, making the Chinese zodiac stamps rich in Chinese elements colorful.

On January 5 this year, China Post issued the “Xin Year” zodiac stamp. The main pattern of the stamp consisted of simple jade rabbits, the moon, and decorative “Bao Xianghua” (an ancient Chinese auspicious pattern with peony and lotus as the main body. It was precious. The symbol of good luck is composed of other elements. This set of rabbit year stamps, small prints and small notes, from the hands of Wu Guanying, a professor at the Fine Arts Academy of Tsinghua University, is the third round of Chinese New Year rabbit stamps issued by China Post.

On December 1 last year, the Taiwan Post Department issued the first "New Year Stamps" set of 2 and a small sheet. The main images of the stamps are paired pairs of kissing rabbits and rabbits looking into the distance. The small sheet is a rabbit that runs and jumps. The pattern uses bright orange and purple, lined with black silhouette effect, the picture is dazzling and vivid, symbolizing the bright colors of joy, conveying the joy of New Year's New Year of the Rabbit.

On January 22 this year, the post office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region issued a set of 4 stamps, "Year of the Rabbit", and a souvenir sheet and souvenir stamp sheetlet. Four rabbits of different shapes are depicted, including local common species and home pets. The Post Office of the Macao Special Administrative Region also issued a set of 5 stamps and a stamp sheetlet for the Year of the Rabbit. The stamps were designed by the Canadian Chinese design master Lin Zien. He used the design concept of the "Year of the Tiger" last year, referring to the Chinese calendar, using the sky-dry algorithm to calculate the properties of the five elements, and inject gold, wood, water, fire, and earth as the design elements.

The Australian Year of the Rabbit stamp was issued on January 11. One picture shows the Chinese "rabbit" and the "Shadow" rabbit. The other stamp shows the rabbit-shaped paper-cut. It contains the Chinese character "and" in the body part of the rabbit. On the Korean Zodiac rabbit commemorative stamp, a pair of dark-eyed cartoon rabbits are as cute as elves. The Liberian Zodiac rabbit commemorative stamp sheetlet is a special celebration. It uses red rhubarb as the main tone, and uses auspicious clouds and a Chinese-style grid as a pattern. Rabbits made of snowflakes are unique. There are domestic and international versions of the Canadian Xin Rabbit Year Stamp. On the domestic version, there is a white rabbit that jumps from left to right into the picture. A pair of rabbit's hind legs are hidden, and in front of the rabbit, the rabbit's hind legs appear in a stamp. The international version shows two white rabbits chasing each other in a circle. The picture adopts a red background and is rich in Chinese embroidery features and Chinese classical decorative elements. French rabbit stamps were designed by Li Zhongyao, a Chinese artist who travels to France. The rabbits on the stamps are based on rabbits fed at home. They adopt the Chinese ink painting method and display a gentle, kind and elegant rabbit image. The New Year's Rabbit Year's Commemorative Stamps design uses Chinese traditional and folk art forms, such as "Rabbit" calligraphy, paper-cutting rabbits, Chinese crafting rabbits, and kite rabbits. It embodies the unique forms and styles of Chinese culture and art.

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