Gold is high and investment enthusiasm is high

"At the beginning of the year, the price of gold was more than 300 yuan per gram. I thought it was expensive. I didn't expect it to rise for half a year. One gram rose by 100 yuan." The citizen Ms. Wu raised the price of gold and repeatedly sighed that the soaring price of gold had caused people to blink too late. Since the beginning of this year, the price of gold has sang all the way, continuously set a new record, and once exceeded 1,900 U.S. dollars per ounce, but then it ushered in a sharp fall. Just as people have not eased from the plunge in gold, gold has risen sharply again, breaking above $1900/oz on the 5th. The reporter visited yesterday and learned that prices for gold ornaments and gold bars for investment rose in response to the market's prevailing market outlook.

Jewelry Shop, Bank: Gold Sales Optimistic Yesterday morning, the reporter learned from a brand jewelry counter in Guangbai Department Store that the current price of 1,000 gold jewelry is 477 yuan/g, and the gold bar of the craft is 469 yuan/g, which is 5 yuan higher than the day before yesterday. "In mid-August, the most expensive one-gram gold jewelry sold for 485 yuan and fell to 450 yuan on August 26th. But since last week, it has been rising every day." Salesperson: "The price of jewelry is international If the price of gold is linked, there will be changes in the price of gold. We will also need to make corresponding adjustments." "This year's gold has risen too sharply. The price has dropped back last month. I'm still hopeful that we can drop a little more." One is choosing gold jewelry The woman said, "These days have gone up again. It is estimated that it will be difficult to get where it is cheaper, and you can only do it."

Subsequently, the reporter also visited several goldsmiths in the urban area. The price of a gold chain gold chain is 438 yuan / gram, pure gold 408 yuan / gram. “These days are going up day by day.” Sales staff said, “The recent increase in the sales of gold is expected to remain bullish and there is no possibility of a substantial reduction.” The reporter also found that the various jewelry store gold and silver offer Due to different levels of quality, craftsmanship and so on. However, merchants are generally optimistic about the market outlook for gold prices, as the "golden nine silver ten" consumer season, the market's rigid demand will become more apparent, the market will usher in a wave of procurement climax, do not rule out the gold price up Possible.

The reporter learned from the Construction Bank yesterday that the real gold offer was raised from 406 yuan per gram the previous day to 406 yuan per gram. "Physical gold is highly risk-avoiding and has good value preservation. It has been welcomed by investors. Sometimes, several tens of kilograms of gold are suddenly 'grabbed' by the staff of a sub-branch of the Construction Bank. "August In the middle of the year, there was a wave of buying gold climax. In addition to investing in gold bullion, even the backlog of gold medals was completely wiped out.” The staff said that in the past two years, with the development of economic level, the public’s investment awareness has increased. Demand for gold is strong and investment enthusiasm is high. The previous correction did not have a significant impact on the bank's gold sales, and the public’s investment enthusiasm has continued to heat up recently.

Market outlook: Long-term trend remains bullish Against the current gold market, Mr. Jiang, a financial planner, analyzes that the gold price correction at the end of August was mainly due to the impact of U.S. debt easing and Libya’s relatively clear situation on the economic favorable factors. The high price of gold has been running continuously for some time, and there will be a correction in the continued rise. “In the long run, the depreciation of the US dollar is an inevitable trend, the US economy is weak, and the core issues of the US Treasury bond can not be fundamentally resolved. The market’s concerns about the above factors will not fade, and gold as the most effective tool to resist inflation will be For the long term, the future market will be switched between optimism and not pessimism. Therefore, the long-term gold is still bullish, of course, there is still a narrow range of shocks in the short term." Financial planners pointed out that China and India are the world's traditional Gold consumption is a big country, and the two countries are currently facing contrarian development in the global economic recession, which will further stimulate the expansion of gold consumer demand.

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