Coincidentally, men's dresses, Spokane Card HOLD live fashion

Varieties of the fashion industry can always bring surprises. Former LADYGAGA take raw meat to do the dress, Jessica Bell made a belt with a scarf, after the "HOLD sister live" bikini "a second to change the grid," and recently, Spokane card (SPORTICA) Clothing and fashion circles in civilian fashion blowing whirlwind. This fashion originated in the pat on the community, entitled "loot boyfriend wardrobe slightly ~ ~ ~ teach you how to turn men's clothing into a dresses," the post, just a few days, there are 18,152 views, 1182 comments, while the transformation of the protagonist Spoticon (SPORTICA) also took a fire. Posts straight to the beginning of the topic: save money DIY skirt enhanced version of the loose shirt to wear a shirt dress, the V-neck leopard knit sweater into a sexy mini skirt, and then, the landlord "left-hand tail ring" with a Zhang's own live demonstration of the map, a detailed explanation of how to wear men's Shirts, T-shirts, sweaters, etc. into a sexy skirt, and one of the stylish V-neck Leopard sweater into a sexy Bra mini skirt wear especially Stunning friends. Many female netizens intensely discuss their suit for that one, said "must take her husband's clothes try it out" and even a female netizen said he did not now husband, "to buy this men's womens dress," while the wardrobe is dangerous Male netizens showed calm and open-minded: "go back and refit at night, the girlfriend will not always ask to buy skirts." It is reported that SPOTTICA (SPORTICA) is the first-line men's brand, the main European and American fashion style, is Taobao, pat, Where off V +, Jingdong, Dangdang, and other major online platform leader, and from November 2010 line Under the franchise chain, now in the country's eight major cities have more than 30 stores, a men's franchise to join the ranks of the upstart. According to informed sources broke the news, the protagonist of this post "left-hand caution ring" is Spokane card (SPORTICA) Men's store employees. The reporter was removed and contacted "left-hand caution", she said: usually work is to face a lot of all kinds of men, some time ago on the Internet saw a picture entitled "Stockholm girl", a masculine men's shirt change Into a feminine full skirt, so suddenly inspired, "get it" to find a colleague to help take a group photo show on the Internet, did not expect so much attention.

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