Lusha brand women's spring 2012 new release and ordering will be completed

Shenzhen Lufthansa Garments Co., Ltd. 2012 spring new product release and order will come to an end! Lusha brand women's spring 2012 new release and order will be held in Shenzhen Nanshan gorgeous opening on October 18. Rlosa2012 spring Roman Holiday, rainbow dance two series of trendy elegant new products gathered, attention debut, interpretation of the trend of the spring fashion trend, the conference site hundreds of customers together to taste Rlosa exclusive fashion feast! Live atmosphere exceptionally hot!

路莎 - Rlosa

Shenzhen Lufthansa Garments Co., Ltd. is a collection clothing design, production and sales in one of the brand clothing business. Franchise fashion women's clothing, including the trend of women's wear, accessories and bags. The company has a united, efficient and professional personnel, have a first-class designers, professional technical force, excellent production and processing capacity and accurate ability of logistics and distribution. We attach great importance to the creation and maintenance of apparel brands and always regard the product quality, service quality and credit guarantee of foreign businesses as the lifeblood of our existence and development. We are willing to work with more new friends in the field of apparel together work together for common development, common progress and common glory! After more than ten years of development, the company has always been "creating well-known brand" as its goal. Since its establishment, the company has experienced the market "Lusha Rlosa" products covering the Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

In 2011, Lufthansa will be a whole new face, professional attitude focused on the garment industry you create a good service platform.

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