Kay Unger women's brand reflects your extraordinary

American designer brand KayUnger was founded in 1995 and headquartered in New York City Fashion Center. For more than a decade, design director Kay and her team of designers have developed several product lines that are currently being sold at leading department stores and designer boutiques in the United States, Europe and Japan.

Kay Unger

KayUnger pursues a successful balance: comfortable, charming and strong. Ideal for career and life have the desire of independent fashion women, products based on the feminine and self-cultivation, with rich colors, details of the lines, simple cutting and unique fabrics, not only shows the beauty of women and the unique curve Charm, but also reflects the busy and exciting fashion of today's women's life, all the fine clothes represent the modern world for the ladylike elegant understanding of luxury.

Kay Unger品牌女装  体现出您的不平凡

KayUnger positioning reflects her extraordinary. Fashion is not only to show the most beautiful moment of women, but also reflects the wonderful attitude of life an important point of view, KayUnger is a way of life, she advocated not only fashion brings you the beauty, more like a fashion hall, whether it is Stylish day wear, exquisite dresses, dignified suits or touching evening wear, KayUnger ubiquitous mettle and high-quality pursuit of integration in every part of every detail, reflects the combination of elegance and comfort is Belongs to those who have different demands on their own women.

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