Calvin Klein (CK) classic underwear market in China, a new listing

From October onwards, CalvinKleinUnderwear men and women underwear classic reproduce. Men's underwear main push XLaser limited edition, the main push of the lingerie in the world's top supermodel LaraStone portrait endorsement of the NakedGlamour series has a new listing in the Chinese market.

Calvin Klein (CK)经典内衣中国市场全新上市

Among them, CalvinKleinNakedGlamour lingerie series is the flagship of this year, the use of luxury fine fabrics, smooth glossy surface with hand-scrub trimming, outlines the female flavor. The new listing of 6 bra, the main colors of light beige, such as smoked amethyst, obsidian, pearl and so on.

CalvinKleinUnderwear men's underwear 2011 autumn and winter series of bold innovation, the introduction of ultra-fine fiber fabric of limited edition XLaser underwear, with fashion cut, paragraph 5 new listings colorful products, highlighting the young CK underwear fiber series design, innovative ideas.

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