Mamimaka "Tong Road," Spring 2013 new conference was held

September 3 to September 6, 2012, China's brand-name products, China's top ten children's wear brand Mamie Maka 2013 spring and summer new conference was held in Quanzhou, Fujian Province, Proudly Group headquarters held a new conference to "go hand in hand" As the theme, dealers, invited guests, media representatives, senior executives and employees from all over the country gather together to witness the historic moment of the launch of the new Mammy Maka Spring / Summer 2013. It is understood that this new product launch conference, Mammoth Maka, has released the three major styles of "Campus, Sports and Leisure, Outdoor Fashion", including Boys 'Variety Chess, Happy Journey to the West, Future Star, and Girls' Philately, Peacock Fairy , CUTIE "six series of 2013 spring and summer new products. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of Mammoth Monica summarized the achievements made by Mamimaka over the past six months and worked with the distributors to sort out and plan the market development strategy for 2013. During the 3-day new product launches, Mammykar also held a series of activities such as "20 Years Anniversary of Po Tak Group, Winning Ceremony of Weibo Big Screen Interaction" and "Thanksgiving Card Blessing and Winning Gifts". All the participants relaxed The atmosphere of the order, the performance of the order has achieved substantial growth, Mamimaka once again show great brand strength, continue to promote the development of children's wear industry.

General Spandex

General spandex are rich in varieties and complete in specifications, Being an ideal textile raw material, it has the outstanding quality of high strength , great elastic modulus and excellent durability. The product has been widely used in the production of Knitted Fabric, weaving fabrics, covering yarn and narrow fabric, etc. Its product specification covers from 15D TO 1120D,Which can meet the needs of various customers.

General Spandex

General Spandex


1. rich in varieties:product specification covers from 15D TO 1120D

2. widely used:Knitted Fabric, weaving fabrics, traditional covering yarn, air-jet covering yarn, core-spun yarn,  narrow fabric, socks, underclothes.

3. This series of product have stable quality and uniformity.

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General Spandex

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