Linen: Health and Environmental Protection

Linen: Health and Environmental Protection Like silk, flax is almost equal to the history of human civilization. The flax-lined silk fabrics that are mainly composed of "cool" this summer are highly respected. Recently, with many excellent qualities, linen has entered the textile home furnishing field. Once again, flax culture is shining in new areas. Why can linen stay so long? What is the mystery? Xiao Bian will walk into the world of flax together with everyone and understand its unique charm.

Charisma: A powerful hygroscopic and fast drying function

In the case of textile fabrics, the general fabrics should have a fast-drying or anti-bacterial function, which is mainly achieved through the addition of hydrophilic or antibacterial chemical artificial assistants during printing and dyeing. However, these chemical additives adhere to the surface of the fibers, and they gradually lose their functions after washing, and they have certain pollution to the environment. As a natural environment-friendly fabric, linen fabric can effectively reduce sweating of the human body, and its water absorption speed is several times faster than silk and rayon fabrics and even more than cotton cloth.

Charisma II: Significant antibacterial effect

Studies have shown that flax fabrics are in contact with the skin to form a capillary phenomenon and play a role in protecting the skin. Flax fibers are hollow and rich in oxygen, making anaerobes unable to survive. In addition, the antibacterial rate of flax against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, white fungus and other international standard bacteria is more than 65%, and the antibacterial rate against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is as high as 90%. As a result, the linen fabric has a good health care function with antibacterial properties.

Charm 3: Skin Massage Effect

The surface texture of the thick linen fabric is the best massage for the skin. This kind of massage has a direct effect on accelerating microscopic blood circulation. Therefore, flax still has the health function of promoting microcirculation. S. Davis of the United States used electroencephalograms to record the effects of the movement of the eyes and mat moisture, body, and skin temperature on sleep. It was found that using linen mats made it easier for people to fall asleep than cotton sheets. Sleep well and wake up feeling good.

As such, I believe that it is not difficult to understand why flax is known as the healthiest textile material in the world and it is not difficult to understand why flax is highly respected in recent years. Because of its unique health and environmental characteristics, linen has become a good choice for people today.

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