Sports brands leveraging Olympic marketing stamina to increase product prices

After the peak sales in the London Olympics, the sports brand gradually entered a period of slow sales. However, yesterday, the reporter visited a number of large shopping malls in the capital and found that the price of international sports brand clothing and shoes rose by 30-100 yuan. The increase in clothing fabrics, technical costs and labor costs is the main reason for the increase in sports brand prices.

According to the manager of a branch of Capa, the color of Kappa sportswear was mainly bright and pure colors. This year, Kappa's costume designers changed their positions, and the color of the sportswear became mixed. It was more sense of design and fashion. Improvements in fabrics and workmanship are also the reason for the increase in apparel prices. According to the source, the price of Ms. Kappa's down jacket was 1,299 yuan in previous years, but it may be adjusted to 1,499 yuan this year.

Nike, Adidas, Vans and other brand prices have also increased in varying degrees. Nike clothing generally rose 50-100 yuan; Adidas clothing rose 50-100 yuan, sports shoes prices rose about 5%. Vans' men's shirt price rose by 10 yuan.

Industry analysts believe that the prices of star products will be raised after the Olympic Games, so that the prices of other products will also rise. There are many sports competitions held abroad in recent days. These sports brands will also take the opportunity to push new products. As a result, costs such as technology research and development and advertising investment will increase, and the prices of terminal consumption will increase.

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