"One city painting a" brand women's six joining advantages, and you keep wealth

一城画一 - C&P

Guangzhou have fun Garments Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, is a set design, production and marketing of fashionable women's brand apparel company, in doing "Chinese first brand of women's fashion mix and match" the pursuit, launched in 2009 " One city painting one "brand," one city painting one "is a picture of every city, every woman is a beautiful landscape in the city painting to promote the unique female" painting "fashion, the product is unique and not publicity , To show the modern urban women's intellectual and elegant, confident and beautiful expression of style.


Join advantage

1, free to join
2, the image shop decoration support policies
3, the image shop shelves support policy
4, free perfect terminal shop operation manual
5, free to support the use of ERP system
6, through scientific data analysis, provide sales, display, promotion, reasonable order goods management, store operations and other comprehensive guidance and support.


Join conditions
1, a person or natural person with legal qualification;
2, have the necessary operating resources (capital, operating capacity);
3, agree with the company's brand management philosophy, to protect the brand image of the terminal;
4, to provide local bustling lots of more than 50 square meters of independent street shops or shopping malls in more than 60 square meters counters or store shop;


Membrane structures are spatial structures made out of tensioned membranes. The structural use of membranes can be divided into pneumatic structures, tensile membrane structures and cable domes. In these three kinds of structure, membranes work together with cables, columns and other construction members to find a form. Membranes are also used as non-structural cladding, as at the Beijing National Stadium where the spaces between the massive steel structural members are infilled with PTFE coated glass fiber fabric and ETFE foil.

Membrane Structure Fabric

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