Adorable women's clothing brand teach you six digital diagnostic shop performance

Adorable women's clothing brand teach you six digital diagnostic shop performance


The shops are located in shopping malls and shopping malls. They are greatly influenced by factors such as self and environment, and the performance has been on the rise and falls. However, there are not many stores that can really find the logic and reasons for the performance rise and fall. Some stores start the monthly performance can do 200,000 yuan, but later only small 100,000 yuan, asked the clerk, answered fewer people, the product price is high, the purchasing power of consumers weakened; some shops obviously located in Prosperous commercial streets, lots and prices are also similar with competing products, the performance is much worse than ... .... The reason is that managers do not have a set of template tools to analyze store performance, which can not scientifically diagnose store performance and lead to sensation of store operation.

The number is the only truth that truly reflects the state of the business. Store performance diagnosis is also around the six figures, namely, traffic, into the volume, the trial rate, transaction rate, single rate and repeat rate. The comparative analysis of six figures before and after the time to diagnose the operation of the store, identify the key factors that affect the performance, and then adjust the store operations.

First, the passenger traffic refers to a place to prevail, within a certain period of time before the passing of the number of target consumers, that is, passing from the front of the store, in line with the requirements of the brand target consumer (Note that not the flow of people, the flow of people Is a non-target consumer excluded person). Traffic is mainly affected by store locations, weather and major events. Street shops hit the rainy day, passenger traffic decreased; shopping malls shop to do large-scale promotional activities, traffic surge.

Second, into the shop volume / into the store into the store is the amount of consumers into the store; into the store rate = into the shop volume / traffic * 100%. Into the store volume is mainly affected by the brand influence, promotion and promotion, store image, atmosphere, window display and the impact of the display varies. Standing in the business or single point of view into the store data, have different meanings, the enterprise is usually standing in the brand, promotion, promotion, store image analysis point of view into the store; single store stand in the atmosphere, window display and water table To analyze into the store.

Third, the probation rate Consumers in the store residence time more than X minutes, touch the product by hand, and trial experience or product advice, as a valid trial rate. Trial rate = trial product number of consumers / into the store volume * 100%. The trial rate reflects the professional and technical issues, mainly covering product design, display, collocation and service processes and other areas.

Fourth, the turnover rate refers to the number of transactions accounted for the proportion of people coming to the shop. Turnover rate = the number of consumers buying products / into the store volume * 100%, such as into the store 100, closing 30 people, the turnover rate of 30%. Turnover rate reflects the quality of personnel, teamwork, sales processes and skills and other issues.

Fifth, the single rate refers to the number of consumers single purchase of 2 or more products in the current total number of transactions the number of customers (the number of customers) ratio. The single rate = the number of consumers to buy 2 or more products / number of customers * 100%, such as the day 100 consumers pay, of which 50 were sold in the number of 2 or more, the single rate of 50 %. The single rate reflects the problem of single-product sales, cashier and rest area product display. To improve the single-rate is to reduce the amount of into the store, an effective way to enhance performance.

Sixth, the rate of return For the convenience of statistics, the rate of return is mainly refers to the number of customers to re-enter the store after spending as a member of the total number of VIP members of the proportion (excluding the number of new members of the month). Follow-up rate = the number of members re-spending / the total number of VIP members * 100%, such as A shop has 3000 members, the month 200 members come to shop again consumption, the turnaround was 6.7%. Follow-up rate according to different industries and brands, the design of its target value is also different, sub-enterprises and shops at two levels, with member maintenance, marketing and value-added services.

A store's management is usually divided into front and backstage, the front desk is people, goods, field; background is performance management, daily business management and financial management. Based on the operation of a single store here, through the test statistics of the time period before and after, the six figures are compared to the foreground to diagnose the three aspects of people, goods and markets to enhance performance.

First, to enhance passenger traffic After the store opened up, traffic changes are divided into two kinds of controllable and uncontrollable factors, uncontrollable factors include stores, weather and market environment; controllable is the brand, large-scale promotion and promotion . The usual test method is to use the stopwatch to count the past passenger flow at the same time on weekends and non-weekends, chart the passenger flow, determine the peak and trough of the passenger flow, find out the true basis of passenger flow changes and formulate the shop operation within the controllable range Strategy.

Passenger traffic reduction solutions are generally around the shop to promote and advertise to enhance passenger flow. Ru Xing Yuan Road, Wal-Mart Red Valley store opposite the Wal-Mart entrance on the first floor, the whole shopping malls weaker. The store through the door to install a large LED electronic advertising screen, non-stop broadcast of the latest movie Trailer; shop with the store across the stairs to buy three free throwing machines and other methods to enhance passenger flow, which created the entire store sales The first success.

Second, to enhance the amount of consumers into the shopping There are two kinds of walking routes, one is walking with eyes, and the other is a purpose to walk.

For the first, mainly on the windows, water stations for the season, should be on display and layout, store lighting and color matching adaptive adjustment. The display and layout of the window and the water table is divided into two categories, one is based on the different seasons, with the product on the market plans for the arrangement and display of large color blocks; the other is the day's temperature management, according to the day's temperature changes , Adjust the display window and the water table product display, such as leather stores, in the cold or rain, showing brown, dark or warm products; hot day, the display of elegant, fresh color products (Note: The first island).

The second is through different industries, value-added services and other marketing tools to attract consumers to take the initiative to enter the store. As mentioned earlier, Xing Court Road, Wal-Mart Red Valley free shooting machine case, in addition to the Valley VIP members, the same day, Wal-Mart shopping customers with small votes into the store to receive three shooting coins to participate in free shooting game to effectively enhance Shop into the shop volume; the same time, the shop also provides on behalf of the pay utilities, bus card recharge and other value-added services, effectively improving the store into the store volume.

Third, to enhance the trial rate Different consumers have different personalities, emotions and habits, but no matter what type of consumer products into the store after the trial mainly depends on two points, one product, and second, the clerk's service. So the key point to improve the trial rate is based on the characteristics of consumers reasonable display and standardize employee service skills.

After walking into the store, the walking route is affected by the space in the store, the light source and the colors. In most cases, it will pay attention to the water platform first, then to the right and pay attention to the product on the right. The price and style of the products on the water table should be suitable for the needs of most local consumers. For example, in the supermarket-intensive area, the new or best-selling price in the low-end price is displayed. The consumers will not guess the whole product price because of the high asking price. Support spending and direct departure; upscale department store area display high-end price of the new and concept models, consumers will not because of the style of the public and left ... ... so that consumers stay and improve the resident time.

At the same time to standardize employee service skills, with the guidance of processes and words, to help customers try. Such as customers standing in front of the belt cabinet, do not ask whether there is no favorite paragraph (customers have two options, one is there, one is not, only 50% probability to choose), according to the customer dress, ask like automatic buckle , Or pin buckle (customers wear formal wear business recommended automatic buckle, board deduction; wearing cowboy recommended pin buckle or board buckle), to improve the probability of customer trials.

Fourth, improve the turnover rate 90 minutes on the football game is the most crucial player in the team with the usual level of training combined with the presence of the spot to determine the possible actions of the other party, born of a kick. The same store turnover rate is equivalent to the pitch of a street, the test is teamwork and personal professional ability.

Teamwork and personal expertise belong to the daily business management of the store, is about the quality of employees, adaptability, sales and service skills, here do not explain. The ways to improve the turnover rate are mainly to improve teamwork ability and improve staff's sales and service skills.

Fifth, to enhance the single-rate When consumers pay for the choice of goods, the clerk, product or brand has established a preliminary impression on the basis of such a good impression we need to provide consumers with more products, experience the brand's unique lifestyle .

The specific approach, first, to enhance staff additional sales and service skills, the establishment of additional sales of different categories of products, then increase the staff of different products and products and customers with clothing, occasions with the match between the knowledge and guide customers on the overall mix Demand; Second, consumers pay the cash register area and the waiting area for the packaging of the packaging display accessories and small items to facilitate customer search and sales staff additional sales; Third, the promotion of the store within the gift of goods, give consumers the second shopping discount; Fourth, Meet the sales threshold, membership, enjoy the rights of members, according to the specific unit price to adjust the membership threshold.

Sixth, to enhance the rate of return Stable performance of a store and development, largely depends on the member's rate of return, that is, the number of popular customers said the decision of a store's performance is good or bad, the rate of change on behalf of the store member service capabilities The level of The importance of old customers and members hard to understand, here we describe in a general sense, members of the maintenance and marketing must be process and standardization, First, members of the sales back to leather stores, for example, in the customer shopping After a week of telephone interviews to find out if there are quality problems, whether wearing a comfortable feel fashion, invitations often back to the shop care and maintenance; birthday birthday before the birthday of the member blessings happy birthday, inviting to shop sitting, and send exquisite gifts; Member failure in the month when the initiative telephone contact, ask the product experience and invited to shop and so on the flow of member maintenance and services.

At the same time, we can also stimulate the consumption of members by focusing on the special items of members so that members can enjoy unique and special rights. Such as regular member sales week or sale period; invited experts to hold special lectures, enriching the life of members; on the monthly shopping again give gifts and other designated gifts. The most important thing for the maintenance and marketing of members is to increase the number of members to enjoy the services provided by enterprises and to increase the member's retention rate.

Numbers are simple and real. When today's data is compared with yesterday's data, we can easily find out the problems and formulate corresponding solutions. Six figures represent the real operation of the store, only the solution based on the data is practical and meaningful, which figure has the problem focused on solving the corresponding operational problems, the only way our ability to operate the store Scientific progress, in order to protect the sales rise steadily!

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