Han honey delicate fashion ladies grasp the pulse of today's fashion

Walk in the forefront of the times, the pursuit of self is the mentality of the modern, Chinese honey heinmiay women's brand "fashion, elegant,, classic, perfect" for the design concept, new and varied styles reflect the strong urban dynamic; charming colors convey Youthful personality message; and comfortable fabrics, meticulous workmanship is the expression of the considerate and caring of modern women, fully demonstrated the urban fashion unique personality, vibrant unique charm.


Han honey heinmiay brand women Compatible with the design style of Europe, Japan and South Korea, with its unique inspiration, color, lines deducing high-grade urban women; Han honey women's brand heinmiay determined in line with the international fashion trend, a trendsetter to lead the domestic fashion family members.

Chinese name: Han honey

English name: heinmiay

Brand style: fashion, classic, romantic; intellectual innocence flashed in the aesthetic, outlines the modern women's charming, elegant fashion taste.

Consumer groups: a culture of self-confidence, elegant and generous modern knowledge of women.

Age Location: 25 ~ 45 years old

汉蜜精致时尚淑女装 把握当今的时尚脉搏

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