Chow Tai Sang "Heart Era" series heart to market to hear the happy heart

In October, the autumn mood is thick, fresh autumn wind brings bursts of sweet atmosphere. Many lovers choose this golden harvest symbolic harvest of their own perfect happiness, hand in hand with the people in love into a new phase of love. And Chow Tai Sze also in this sweetheart to bring new products - "Heart Era" diamond ornaments series, accompanied by the happiness factor in the air, attentively listen to each of the lover's voice, convey every "I would like to "The mind. Zhou Dasheng, is willing to work with you to witness every firm commitment to happiness. When the glitz of the world are in front of the only heart is the most honest judge Zhou Dasheng Heart Time Please listen to the heart of the voice Confidence in the heart to know I would like to spend with you Chow Tai Ching life together to extend the brand concept of love and beauty of the jewelry, Departure, interpretation of "heart" perfect love. Perhaps we will be subjected to all kinds of temptations and fetters from the outside. Maybe we will often be submerged in the possession of matter and the evaluation of others, but once we return to ourselves, we will find that what we want is always in our heart. Platinum-like unchanged white, such as diamond-like eternal purity, not subject to numerous infrequent events. "Heart knows, I am willing," this love is the purest love between the honey language, it has become the "Annals of Love" series of best annotations. And Chow Tai-sheng proposed the concept of "heart time", the biggest feature of Chow Tai-sheng new product line is the heart-shaped design elements. Under the ingenuity of the jewelry designer Zhou Dasheng, heart-shaped symbols were presented in different angles, creating a unique and precious token for every "I would-be" love story. They are either stylish and exquisite design, with bright and dazzling jewelry, collection of romantic beauty of the moment; or to the simple atmosphere of the shape, such as Starlight flow of small diamonds, flashing simple sheer happiness; or to never outdated elegance, plus Chow Tai-sheng crafted craft, engraved love of eternity. The story of each love story may be different, but the happiness of "I would like" is always the same. Zhou Dasheng "Heart Times" heart market. Have you heard your happiness?

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