Love without season brand discount to change the Chinese apparel market

Brand discount surging, in the end who can lead the Chinese brand discount in the apparel industry reshuffle the moment, to the heyday. This article can not give you a standard answer, but can give an important reference.

Brand discount from the United States since the open source to have nearly a hundred years of history, across the sea to China only ten years, but its growth rate of just a decade is staggering, more and more discount stores on the streets . From which we can see one: the discount industry is strongly sought after by the market by its own advantages, and secondly, it shows from the side that under the rapid development of the brand discount industry in our country, there is still a lack of a corporate anti-brand discount banner and a well-known brand with scale effect in China.

Therefore, the terminal stores all sold millions of broken years, individual single shop arrived at 3000000 love without the Festive Season Specials Pavilion into a industry focus for a time, experts point out: brand discount "leading brand" era is approaching, then, whether the season without love Have the strength to become

Brand discount leader?

Market Research: August sales off-season, Wuhan love no quarter single-store sales exceeded 300,000

During the visit to Wuhan, we visited 23 love-free quarter-end stores, which are located in the size of the three blocks in Wuhan, some located in the troubled first-tier block, and some in the densely populated three-lane block, in the terminal store we see the customer shopping passion High, "fashion, affordable, quality" is the largest consumer said adjectives. Check the location of the observation we found that the surrounding area, whether it is the same type of brand-name discount stores or branded apparel stores, are not their opponents, no matter whether the daily sales or traffic without exception, no extra love and no season.

Summer, Wuhan, heat summer, but did not reduce the customer's enthusiasm for shopping, so we are appalled that the off-season clothing, love the highest quarter without shops still can hold the 300,000 monthly sales, sales in the past the lowest shop July also reached 100,000 yuan in monthly sales.

Industry Analysis: China's only direct-mode business, the end-market brand discount chain.

"Ten years ago we did a brand discount upstream suppliers, with 10 years to establish sales channels, the difficulties can not have imagined" CEO Yang told us: "Now, we first step in the country, with 'Branded management, sales in the form of discount' to do the terminal market, in the absence of a foreign investment agency case, all by the company to establish direct marketing system, a plate to make all the shops to achieve full profit, the annual sales of millions. Shop, the experience We've all experienced the storm; we have all the harvest and experience we have.

Yang always tells us that they have many opportunities to expand their regional territory, for example, a lot of investment. But love no season did not choose to do so. In order to ensure the quality of love-free season, its ambition is great: making China's first brand of discount women , and even go abroad.

In order to ensure that every quarter of love-free shops are able to generate revenue, love no season before the shop will conduct a lot of market research, the premise of these research is the successful experience of its own terminal system, and even each store sales forecast accurate analysis of historical accuracy Rate of more than 90%. 100 successful experience of the store, the actual end of the market sharpening love season without opening shop in the shop seemed ease.

Brand management, discount model sales, leading the industry's new standards

Change the brand discount store four white floor of the store image, love the season without end stores black paint signs, RED scroll screen, a big sense of full window Hua Yi just like designer boutiques. However, eye-catching 2--4 fold and publicity curtain also told you directly, this is definitely not a panicky high-priced clothing store, but full of desire to go to the people's route famous fare collection. Brand operation carried out in its corner, around the surrounded by the mirror and the big sofa will be transformed into a clothing store Sharon Club, all kinds of beauty in the shuttle during the brand discount models are 3-4 times the store, the price is Only store 2--4 into, a huge contrast even enhance the consumer's desire to buy.
Editor: brother brother to employ the total design of the terminal store for the display design, accurate to what area to display what kind of merchandise can be popular also be able to predict precision; build data statistics center will sell accurate scientific analysis, accurate delivery of goods to the right shop ;
In recent years, love and no season moves frequently, sales and development trend is extremely rapid, overview of China's discount apparel industry has not yet found to compete with the apparel business, the future of China, whether by such an advanced team to control the retail industry in China, Currently love no quarter is expanding its coverage of China, we continue to focus on its corporate dynamics.

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