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Legendary Cowboys (Fortune Hotline:) is a company that encourages entrepreneurship and is innovative. Based on the core concept of "building a brand culture and promoting brand development through culture," the brand culture based on innovation has always been regarded as To support and promote the rapid development and expansion of brand legendary cowboy one of the important internal motivation. In terms of building brand culture and professional operation, brand building culture to promote the development of a strong brand influence, the need for unique, innovative and culturally responsible brand operation strategy support. To this end, the legendary cowboy pioneering in the following areas have conducted fruitful exploration and efforts, and achieved remarkable results. â‘  Taking brand management as the core, a series of innovative and leading brand management models are proposed and implemented, such as "advanced management mode". â‘¡ Large sums of money To promote the three strategic projects of "National 100 Media Strategic Partners", "National 1000 Website Promotion Union" and "Multiple TV Media" to provide powerful and effective access to the promotion of brands and culture. â‘¢ Plan and launch a series of activities such as "Cultural Festival" series of theme activities and public welfare activities, with the help of large-scale activities to accelerate the expansion of brand culture and influence. Culture Build a brand to promote the development of brand, first-class brand, have their own culture, the concept of communication carrier and platform. After the development of the media force to its own enterprise has become an important symbol of a strong culture of legendary jeans brand. Legendary cowboy (Website: http://) set up in China brand promotion center, product development center, marketing service center, logistics center. With a world-class sales terminal management system to enhance market management capabilities for dealers and end-users to provide professional services to achieve sales network distance service management, while greatly reducing the management level, strong marketing, to maximize the profits of members of the network . â‘  create cultural infiltration and exchange within the company; at the same time, innovate the special issue according to different needs to meet some major strategic actions of the company. â‘¡ The construction and continuous improvement, improvement "legendary cowboy official website", and invested heavily in various forms of promotion, making it an important brand of cultural propaganda and communication platform. â‘¢ spread the legendary jeans brand fashion culture, strengthen brand culture and young people's communication and interaction, so that brand and cultural image of an overall upgrade. â‘£ spread to the young groups quarterly with the latest fashion knowledge, knowledge popularize the terminal sales, founder of legendary jeans fashion handbook. Legends of innovation and quest for the legendary cowboy, introduced more unique style, full of vitality of cultural projects, enrich the brand culture, and further enhance the core competitiveness of the legendary jeans brand, is committed to establishing a cultural pioneer in the industry and Brand new image of the giant. Wolf respect International Business Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Address: Beijing Malibu Road on the 19th Tea House Building 8th Wealth Hotline: 400 -685-6799 Tel: Official Website: http:// com

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